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☙ 28 February ❧
Fluffernutter Dip

  Fluffernutter Dip, the classic sandwich turned into a decadent, creamy dip! Cream cheese, fluff, and peanut butter, that’s it for this decadent fluffernutter dip.     You read that title right, fluffernutter dip! HOLY CRAP. How did I not think of this one sooner?! We all know of...
☙ 15 July ❧
Waffle Toast 3 Ways

Waffle Toast 3 Ways, kick up your everyday waffle with these yummy toppings, featuring Jif Flavored Spreads! #peanutbutterhappy Peanut butter is just one of those staples you grow up loving. I’ll take it any way I can get it… on toast, in desserts, a sandwich, spread on my morning...
☙ 5 August ❧
Muddy Buddy Cookies

Muddy Buddy Cookies, exactly how they sound; chocolatey peanut buttery deliciousness… no bake, messy and totally worth it! Puppy Chow (muddy buddies, whatevs…) was my favorite, favorite snack growing up. For some reason we always had it a lot more around Christmas… I don’t know why but we just...