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Yes, as you can tell by the title of this post I am finally going to show you a step-by-step tutorial of my pan seared brussel sprouts. I thought that since I make them so often and, well, they always looks so darn fabulous I would let you in on my secrets, mwah ha ha! Ahem, SO… brussel sprouts, yes. Deliciousness.

Burssel Sprouts

So, what I do, every often, is buy these:

Frozen Burssel Sprouts

*Gasp!* The horror! “You mean to tell me you buy FROZEN brussel sprouts?!” Yes, ma’am I do. (I like to be overly dramatic sometimes… deal with it.) And now the truth behind the madness, frozen brussel sprouts are amazing. They not only come cooked already to perfection. But, you can use as many or as little as you like and throw the rest of the pack back in the freezer until next time. I only use half a bag at a time when I make these for me and the Hubs. You can either let them sit on the counter for about 20 mins or so or run them under cool water until the outside is partially thawed. Then, just cut them down the middle into halves.

Cut Brussel Sprouts See that beautiful green! Ahh, i love these. I tried making these once with fresh and they didn’t come out half as good as these babies. So, after you have them all cut in half I suggest tossing them into a pan over medium heat that has some left over liquid bacon (bacon fat drippings) in it and let it cook in there. OR, if you have some hand dandy liquid bacon left over from your last BLT fiasco you can use that too.

Liquid BaconJust use enough to coat the bottom of your pan and coat the sprouts as well. About 1-2 Tbls. Go ahead and saute these until slightly golden brown.

BrusselsNext, I add salt and pepper to taste. Toss to evenly coat each sprout. Now, I scoot the sprouts to the outside of the pan so there is a well in the middle. I add 1 Tbls of butter. Take one garlic clove that you have finely minced and add that. I like to use my zester for this.

Brussel SproutLet the garlic cook slightly until you can smell the aroma. Just lightly brown the garlic making sure it doesn’t burn. When it is cooked through, toss in with the brussel sprouts. Taste to see if you need additional seasoning. Let cook a little longer until nice and golden brown. I like to add about one more Tbls of butter to the pan so they are nice and glossy and buttery. Mmmmmm. And there, my friends, you have it! Super simple, yes?




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  1. YUM! I love Brussels sprouts…and can’t wait to try this simple, delicious recipe πŸ™‚

  2. I love Brussels sprouts…and I can’t wait to try your simple and delicious recipe!

  3. Made this tonight and it was great. It’s a great dish to add to our veggie rotation. Super easy to make and taste incredible.

  4. I’m so glad you liked it and it turned out well! Thanks so much for letting me know, that means so much!

  5. These look fantastic! I’m going to make them tonight along with some paprika/cumin chicken and garbanzo beans. Thanks!!

  6. I just tried this recipe and they turned out delicious!! I love the idea of adding a little garlic, it gives them a great flavor!

  7. YAY, so glad you liked them, thanks for letting us know!

  8. Thank you! I had a Facebook friend that made this all the time but she up and deleted me for no reason. I have never eaten a brussel sprout so I wanted to make them and try them. I bought frozen sprouts and all the rest of the recipes said to use fresh. I will try this now and I appreciate that you posted this.

  9. I have done this adding back the bacon crumbles, and some GOOD Parmasan or Asiago cheese..I am going to test some bleu cheese next.. I know it isn’t as healthy but it is soooo good! Love me some Brussel Sprouts!

  10. πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  11. I am going to make these tonight with frozen sprouts from my GARDEN! I can’t wait to savor the yummy-ness!

  12. Gonna try this tonite, honey saw a recipe online somewhere and when I googled sauteed sprouts, I came upon your recipe and it sounded easy and used frozen sprouts. Most recipes say they come out mushy and to use only fresh. We eat the frozen ones all the time. Everything is better with bacon!!

  13. Just tried these for dinner. They are yummy and much faster to cook than in the oven.

  14. Will be adding this to tonights menu
    Skillet pork chop dish w/ potatoes, carrots and onions
    Thank you for this fun and simple recipe .. I don’t have any bacon so good ol evoo will do just fine

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