Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Hi there! Ready for some Mashed Potatoes?! You know I am! Sorry so long since my last post but I have been feverishly trying to get this new site up and running! I hope you like it! Feel free to leave me comments below on your thoughts or even e-mail me at [email protected] if you wish! But yes, my friends I am back and ready to talk your ears off once again, hope you’re ready and haven’t missed me too much. For you today I have another succulent pork dinner with my creamy mashed potatoes. Insert drool worthy pic (yes, I got batteries, woo hoo!):

      Oh yeah. Jeremy went nuts over this. During my couponing fiasco I came across a coupon for the Hormel Always Tender marinade tenderloin. So, I had to get it and try it out. I had always said I would never ever buy that pre-packaged pork but….dun dun dun it was awesome! And so easy, just open the bag, pop in the oven and it’s done! I got the teriyaki style and will definitely be getting it again.

I, of course, used my handy dandy thermometer set to 160

So, as the pork was cooking I began my sides. Along with my creamy mashed potatoes I also sautéed fresh-cut corn off the cob and mixed with some frozen peas.

These are the only kind of potatoes I ever buy. YUM!

All you need for these mashed potatoes are as follows (this is for a serving for just two):

6 ea           Red potatoes

4 ea           Garlic cloves skin removed

1/4 Cup     Chicken Stock (approx.)

2 Tbls        Cream Cheese

3 Tbls         Butter

Salt and Pepper to Taste

Small dice the potatoes and leave the skins on. Try to make sure the pieces are around the same size so it cooks evenly. Rough chop the garlic, making sure the pieces are smaller than the potatoes. Place both into a pot with cold water. Add about 1 tsp of salt.

Place on stove over high heat with lid. Keep and eye on this pot, it may start to boil too roughly. If it does then just remove the lid and turn down heat but continue to boil. Boil until potatoes are soft about 15 min. If you want this to cook faster just cut the potatoes smaller. The smaller the pieces the faster it will cook. Garlic should also be mash-able as well. Drain off the water and add remaining ingredients.

At this point the pork should be done. Take it out of the pan and set aside for at least 5 minutes before cutting into it.

Yea, it looked pretty scary when it came out. It is just the marinade that made all the mess.

Now back to the taters, I just mash them with a fork but however you like to do it is fine. Make sure everything gets mixed thoroughly. A little tip I have is after adding the remaining ingredients I like to let this sit a while before I mash together, maybe 5 minutes so everything is nice and hot before mashing, combines much easier. Taste and add more salt or pepper as desired. If you like more of a garlic kick add a little garlic powder as well. Now, you’re ready to eat! Dig in!

I like to keep my taters a lil chunky!

I hope you enjoyed! If you try any of this out let me know! Or, if you have any other comments or questions feel free!




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