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Baked Cream Cheese Wonton Cups

Baked Cream Cheese Wonton Cups, better than takeout and ready in under 20 minutes!   Cream cheese wontons are my FAVORITE Chinese take-out appetizer. I get them every time. EVERY time. They are just so creamy and delicious and addictive. When you get them out though they are normally fried. So, this version is ever […]


Oreo Fudge Brownies

Oreo Fudge Brownies, no bake Oreo fudge topped brownies…. nuff said. The title says it all and yes this is all your dreams come true. As if brownies or Oreo fudge could get any better, I go and smush the two together. I’m not sure if you should love or hate me for this one. […]


Cast Iron Baked Ham and Swiss Sliders

Cast Iron Baked Ham and Swiss Sliders, bursting with flavor, these party sliders are baked in a cast iron skillet and drizzled with a savory butter sauce!   These ham and swiss “party sandwiches” are perfect just for that… a party! But, I can totally see them making an appearance on the dinner table any […]