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Mini Margarita Cupcakes

Mini Margarita Cupcakes, festive bite-sized cupcakes with margarita flavors!   Margarita cupcakes are so fun! Made with a yummy lime flavored cake with a secret ingredient to make them super moist. Topped with tequila-spiked buttercream, a sprinkle of sugar (or salt!), and a gummy lime garnish, wow! You guys! Not only are these mini cupcakes […]


Green Party Punch

Green Party Punch, an easy and refreshing punch to serve at any party!     Party punch is nothing new… every time there is a party there should be a signature drink! I made this green party punch inspired by football fields! Yes, my first intention was to call this “Football Punch” or something similar because […]


Lasagna Roll-Ups (Skinny Recipe!)

Lasagna Roll-Ups, little packages filled with ricotta cheese and sauteed kale, a lightened up recipe full of flavor!     Skinny Lasagna Rolls are an easy, yet delicious and filling recipe perfect for those times when the calories count. I am going to give you some tips and tricks to keep a classic like lasagna, […]