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Hey there, I’m Dana!

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Thanks for stopping by, I’m so glad you could make it!

I’m Dana, the resident Homecook and Chef in this silly kitchen! Here you will find delicious, (sometimes healthy!) recipes that are both Homecook Tested and Chef Approved - by me! Grab your favorite blanket, a coffee (or slice of cake!) and stay awhile.

Dana is a classically trained Chef, cookbook Author, and chocolate is her spirit animal.

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The Cozy Table

100 Recipes for One, Two, or a Few!

Scaled down comfort food recipes from my kitchen to yours.

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“I ordered this book on Amazon because I loved the idea of cooking for two or a few because we are empty nesters. The recipes are so wonderful that I ordered three more to give as Christmas presents! They make a great gift for any occasion!” - Anonymous

“The Cozy Table is a great cookbook for families who love to eat but aren’t feeding an army. The recipes are easy to follow and taste amazing.” - Whitney

“I just love these recipes they are perfect for me and my family, the perfect sized portions, Dana is a terrific cook. A must buy.” - Rose

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☙ 23 July ❧
Overnight French Toast

Overnight french toast is a recipe you need to keep in your arsenal. You never know when you will need to make an impressive yet easy breakfast for a crowd, this overnight french toast recipe has you covered!     Overnight French Toast The one downside to french toast is...
☙ 20 July ❧
Deep Fried Twinkies Bites

Deep Fried Twinkies Bites, the fun fair food in bite size! A poppable treat, perfect for fall or anytime with these easy deep fried twinkies!     Deep Fried Twinkies   When I think of fall I think of the colder weather, the falling of leaves and the state...
☙ 13 July ❧
Sous Vide Chicken Caprese

  Sous Vide Chicken is an easy and flavorful go-to chicken recipe and cooking technique for any day of the week. The addition of caprese flavors to sous vide chicken takes this recipe over the top delicious.     Sous Vide Chicken Don’t be intimated, the process of sous...
☙ 11 July ❧
Cheesecake Snickerdoodle Bars

  Snickerdoodle bars with cheesecake filling, a decadent cookie bar bursting with cinnamon goodness. Biscoff cookie crust, creamy cheesecake, and a cinnamon crumble topping = epic snickerdoodle bars!     Snickerdoodle Bars I cannot tell you how amazing these snickerdoodle bars are. If you are a cinnamon dessert freak...
☙ 9 July ❧
Sour Cream Coffee Cake

  Sour cream coffee cake, not just for breakfast and no coffee required! This sour cream coffee cake can be enjoyed at any time during the day, moist, cinnamony, and dripping with a luscious cream cheese glaze!     Sour Cream Coffee Cake The secret to a perfectly moist...


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