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Cinnamon Stabilized Whipped Cream

Cinnamon Stabilized Whipped Cream, foolproof recipe for stabilized whipped cream with a festive touch!     Stabilized whipped cream, this recipe for homemade whipped cream has an added ingredient to make it melt-proof. Plus, a touch of cinnamon because, why not! This cinnamon whipped cream would be a yummy topping for hot chocolate, pudding, cupcakes, […]


Holiday Snowball Cookies

Holiday Snowball Cookies, cream cheese Christmas cookies made with holiday M&Ms!     Holiday snowball cookies, a yummy, soft and chewy cream cheese cookie loaded with mini chocolate chips, holiday M&Ms, and coated in powdered sugar. Santa is going to LOVE these! These cream cheese cookies have a little twist to them that make them […]


Eggnog Pudding

Eggnog Pudding, homemade pudding made with eggnog, yummy on its own or in desserts!     Homemade eggnog pudding, this recipe can’t get much easier. With a festive flair, this homemade pudding recipe is made with eggnog, yum! As with most people around this time of year, I just love making tons of desserts! And, […]