New Daily Ritual: FruitsMax Tablets

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We all have busy lives. Sometimes because of the constant changing of plans, meeting deadlines or just plain forgetting, we don’t always get the recommended amount of fruits that we’re suppose to be eating! I know this is DEFINITELY the case for me. I don’t have any children yet and my primary job is this blog so I mostly work from home but still consuming the right amount of nutrients from fruit just isn’t easy for me. It’s not a priority. And that is horrible!

New Daily Ritual: FruitsMax Tablets #fruitsmax #PMedia #ad

Thankfully I found the solution with FruitsMax, a tablet you take twice a day. These FruitsMax tablets not only help you get the recommended amount of fruit everyday but they also boost your immune system and has probiotics, meaning helping your digestive system. The best part? There is 100% NO chemicals, they are 100% natural, so it’s just an over all win win situation!

When I first started taking FruitsMax about two weeks ago I was definitely skeptical at first. I have never been one to take vitamins or supplements so I really didn’t know what to expect.

When I got the packaging in the mail I was very impressed by how they set it up:

New Daily Ritual: FruitsMax Tablets #fruitsmax #PMedia #ad

I love how they really packaged it nicely, not just throwing it in a box. There is a lot of information that comes along with the product as well so that is a big plus.

I started taking them that night and to be honest at first I wasn’t sure about the flavor. But, after that first tablet I actually like the flavor now. It tastes like a combination of dried fruits, what a shocker right? LOL, they are REALLY made from fruits. 21 Different fruits to be exact. All picked for a reason, the fruits range from common fruit like black berries, strawberries and peaches to some I’ve never heard of; sea buckhorn berry and cornelian cherry.

New Daily Ritual: FruitsMax Tablets #fruitsmax #PMedia #ad

This might sound kind of silly but around an hour or so after taking the tablet I feel more alert and energized. Kind of like an extra cup of coffee without the calories and tons of great nutrients!

If you are in the market for a new supplement then I recommend trying out these FruitsMax tablets! They are currently running a promotion as well, FruitsMax is giving away the first bottle for FREE if you pay for shipping and handling. Also, if you sign up for their monthly newsletter you will get an additional 15% off with no promo code required. This offer is available through their online store which you can get there by clicking on this link.

New Daily Ritual: FruitsMax Tablets #fruitsmax #PMedia #ad

When purchasing this free bottle you will be opting into their monthly subscription and will be charged for the product and shipping the next month. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time!

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