15 Festive Christmas Tree Desserts

15 Festive Christmas Tree Desserts, a collection of the cutest Christmas Tree desserts to make this holiday season!

15 Festive Christmas Tree Desserts, a collection of the cutest Christmas Tree desserts to make this holiday season! - ThisSillyGirlsLife.com #ChristmasTreeDesserts

Now that Thanksgiving is over I am in full on CHRISTMAS mode! How about you?! (Happy Thanksgiving, btw. 😉 ) I have been swooning over all these adorable Christmas Tree desserts I have been seeing floating around Pinterest. I just had to put this collection together! I hope you are ready for an avalanche of sweets from me for the rest of the year, because they are coming for ya! LOL

from Betty Crocker


from Teacher by Day Chef by Night


from ThisSillyGirlsLife


from A Night Owl Blog


Christmas Tree Surprise Inside Cake from I am Baker

cupcake edit2

from And Everything Sweet for Amanda’s Parties to Go


from Raining Hot Coupons


from This Silly Girl’s Life


Giant Christmas Tree Cookie from Betty Crocker


from Oh My Creative

christmas tree rice krispie pop 3

from Positively Splendid


from Java Cupcake


Christmas Trees with Chocolate Orange Cream from A Recipe for Aperture


from Pint Sized Baker for Uncommon Designs


from Shop Girl

Adorbs, amiright?! Which Christmas Tree treat is your favorite?!

As if you haven’t experienced enough cuteness, go on over to Cami’s blog and check out her round up for 15 Delicious Rudolph Desserts & Treats!





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  1. So cute!!! I love that little tree made of reese’s peanut butter cups and the hershey’s kiss! I’m thinking that will be perfect for my boys to make for gifts! Just like building legos!

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