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If you didn’t know by now, now you do – we are expecting!

And, very soon I might add…. eeek!

It has been a long time coming (7ish years in fact, but that’s another story) and our sweet baby girl is almost here.

So that means a few things.

  1. I got to decorate her nursery – score! Besides cooking, home decor is my passion. So, any excuse I get to decorate and buy all the things I get super excited about.
  2. I had to get creative. Her nursery was our guest room, so now, oops… no more guest room. Or, was I able to pull something out of my sleeve??

Baby Girl Nursery Decor

Thank you so much to The Futon Shop for supplying us with items in exchange for this post to make our nursery/guest room a reality! All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

The overall theme I was going for is mint with shades of pink.

Also, bunnies.

In my immediate family, “Bunny” is a nickname my Dad called my Mom, then Me… now I took it literal and had to get all the bunny things for my baby girl nursery decor!

I didn’t want to get TOO stuck into one theme so I just added bunnies here and there.

I personally love how the room came out!

So, The Futon Shop hooked us UP! They sent over a bunch of goodies including this versatile white loveseat folding futon.

Along with it came the futon mattress, futon mattress protector, and futon cover.

I really feel like this is a piece that will grow with us.

Yes, now it is temporary to have it in her room for overnight guests.

But, when Lily gets bigger, she can use it as her bed too! The ultimate daybed, score!

The reason why I really love this particular futon from The Futon Shop is that it is not super bulky, and when it folds down it’s like an actual bed.

I got the full size for Lily’s room but it also comes in a queen.

Along with the futon, we got our crib mattress and crib mattress pad cover.

The best part about ordering from The Futon Shop is everything they offer is non-toxic, organic, and handcrafted in the USA. I feel so blessed knowing our little one will be sleeping on a super high-quality crib mattress!

The other decor and furniture are a mish-mash of items from other stores and thrifting!

Our dresser/changing table is from buybuybaby (it looks like ours is not available online, here is one similar.)

The crib and shelving unit is from Target.

We got a bunch of small things off of Amazon like these sconce lights, alphabet rug, blackout curtains, name decal, and flower wall decals.

These are all the major things that were purchased if you have any questions about other items you see in Lily’s room and would like to know where they are from, just leave me a message below!

I hope this post inspired you in some way for your own nursery decor!

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