Valentine’s Chocolate Dipped Oreos

With only 2 main ingredients these Valentine's Chocolate Dipped Oreos are a super easy, gorgeous and tasty treat that you can serve to your loved one for the upcoming holiday!


- Oreos - White chocolate candy melts - Food coloring - Sprinkles of choice

These absolutely are one treat that you will want to give to a loved one or have around at any of your gal pal parties this Valentine’s season.

Melt chocolate chips in a large heatproof glass bowl using a double boiler method. Take a medium or small saucepan, fill the pot with one or two inches of warm water.



Take it to simmer over medium heat, and once water is heated through and steam released add the bowl on top. The glass bowl should not get in contact with water.


Add in the candy melts and stir constantly until about 70% of the melts are melted. Remove from the heat and continue to stir with a spatula until everything has melted and smooth.


Add desired food coloring to one bowl according to packaging instructions or desired color you want to achieve.


For a very smooth consistency add a drizzle of coconut or olive oil to the melting chocolate. Using two forks, dip each Oreos into the chocolate.

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