Cupid Fairy Bread

Cupid Fairy Bread, white bread smeared with homemade honey butter and topped with sprinkles for a yummy Valentine's day snack!


- White Bread - Nonpareils - Red Sugar sprinkles Whipped Honey Butter: - Unsalted butter - Good honey - Salt

Place the butter, salt and honey in a medium sized bowl. Whip with hand mixer until combined.



Take a slice of white bread and cut off the crusts if you prefer. Smear a thin layer of honey butter on bread. Cut diagonally to form two triangles.


Place small heart shaped cookie cutter on to the bread where you would like the heart to go. Press down just slightly so there is a seal and no sprinkles will escape.


Next, take the nonpareils and carefully, not to get any in the cookie cutter, sprinkle the rest of the bread. Remove the cookie cutter, serve and enjoy!

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