Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

Hello Lovelies! I have an amazing craft to share with you today and what a shocker that it’s another wreath! I’m telling you, I don’t know what it is but when I feel like crafting instantly a wreath comes to mind! I hope you won’t hold it against me but they are just so much fun to make! This wreath in particular I think is a good, “any time” decor item. It isn’t seasonal, but you could definitely add a couple touches to make it that way if you desired. These yarn wreaths are so easy, I bet you will be thinking up different ways to make them too!

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

I have to be honest, it took me a while to get these felt rolled flowers to work for me. So, if you fall into the same pit I did, just stick with it! I don’t show you here how to make them, but there are tons of tutorials for them out there already. Here are a couple sites that helped me: Flamingo Toes & Paper & Stitch.

Supplies Needed

2 colors felt

3 colors yarn


Styrofoam wreath

hot glue gun

I didn’t make a step by step tutorial for this because it is so similar to my other tutorials. Like here or here. But for this one, I didn’t make the yarn so perfectly straight and close together, I kind of looped it around itself to add a bit more texture. I used two strands of green, one strand of cream and one of purple. When you’re done wrapping the form, it will look like this:

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

Then, with a glue gun just attach your flowers in the bottom right corner and boom, you’re done!

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

Hang and enjoy!

Yarn Wreath with Rolled Felt Flowers

This is a ridiculously easy wreath to make and I hope you love how it looks! I sure do!

Thanks so much for stopping by, what’s your favorite style wreath?

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