Blackberry Apricot Sangria


  • 3 apricots sliced
  • 2 Cups blackberries
  • 3/4 Cup water
  • 1/2 Cup sugar
  • 1 bottle 750 ML Gallo Family Vineyards Pink Moscato or any sweet white wine or zinfandel
  • 1/2 Cup cognac
  • 1/8 Cup lemon juice fresh squeezed


  • Start by making the blackberry syrup. Take 1 Cup of the blackberries with the sugar and water. Bring to a boil on the stove, lower to a simmer and simmer for 10 minutes. Take off the heat and strain through a mesh colander. Gently crushing the berries with a spatula but do not smash them. Sit aside and let cool.
  • Slice the apricots and add to a pitcher. Add the remaining ingredients along with the syrup. Gently stir, let chill in refrigerator at least for 2 hours.
  • Serve over ice and enjoy!