World Famous (not really) Burgers!

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well and getting back in the grind of the every day routine. So, Labor Day is passed and the end of summer and all things bright, beautiful and tasty are going with it. No more will be the days of the perfect tomato. This saddens me greatly but I will soon get to bask in my favorite season of all, fall! I just love the fall. I love the smells, the clean crisp air. I’ll get to wear my cute light weight jackets and of course my favorite boots! Nothing screams this nearing season to me more than heavenly scented apples and cinnamon or warm cider. Eek! I can’t wait! I love to get all snuggly under lots of blankets too, maybe I’ll invest in a snuggie! Nope. Not happenin’.

So, anyways like I was saying (you should know by now I love to go on and on…”How you do go on.” Ms. O’Hara would tell me) Labor day was a few days ago and I do think I promised you my recipe for my self-proclaimed World Famous Burger. Here is a nice and messy picture for you of this deliciously delectable culinary delight!

Recipe for the Perfect Burger!

Ooey Gooey Drippy Goodness

So, here’s the run down on ingredients (approx of measurement as always):

1 lbs     ground beef (I prefer ground chuck)
2 Tbls   Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbls   Light soy sauce
2 tsp    onion powder
2 tsp    garlic powder
2 tsp    montreal steak seasoning
2 tsp    lemon pepper
5 cracks of freshly ground black pepper

Yes, you do not see lemon pepper in this photo. I ran out, so sue me. BUT I normally do put it in the mix, it adds a lil sumthin’ sumthin’.

Throw all dis in a bowl and mix together with your (clean) hands. Then, what I do is go ahead and fry up a very small piece and taste it. If you think it needs more of something, than add. When it is to your liking form into patties.

We like big burgers round these parts, make ’em how big or little as you’d like.

As I have confessed in the past our grill is still out of order at the moment so I had to cook this inside on the stove top. Normally I would grill these little patties of happiness. I got my pan very hot and placed them carefully in the pan and got a nice sear. No need for added oil in the pan, the meats fat will help them not to stick.

Cook to your desired done-ness and top with cheese and let it get all melty. Add your favorite accoutrements and dig in!

Our accoutrements (I like saying that, sounds classy up in here.) We also had ketchup, mustard and mayo available, of course.

For sides I made stewed green beans, steamed broccoli and french fries. You may say this is the best homemade burger you’ve ever tasted and you’d be right… I’ve warned you!! Have fun.


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