Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Having a Breakfast Bagel Sandwich in your recipe arsenal is an absolute must. Hearty, filling, and delicious, this is one sandwich you’ll want to make every morning!


- Bagels - Salted butter - American cheese - Vegetable oil - Eggs - Kosher salt - Black pepper - Red chili flakes - Splash water - Bacon

Place the oven or toaster oven broiler on high. You can use either appliance for this recipe. If using the oven, place the oven rack in the second position under the broiler.



Cut the bagels or separate the two halves and place them cut side up onto a sheet tray. Using a knife, spread the butter evenly over the bagels.


Place the buttered bagels under the broiler. Allow them to toast to golden brown or until it has reached your desired shade. Take them out of the oven.


Take the American cheese slices and place them onto the bottom half of each bagel. Set aside while you make the eggs.

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