Turning Baby Headbands into Girl’s Cute Hair Clips

Hello This Silly Girl’s Life readers! I’m Cami from TitiCrafty and I’m happy to be here with you again! Today I’m sharing a super cute and easy craft reusing {saving from giving away} baby’s headbands {those with elastic laces or ribbons} and turning them into more grown ups little girls hair clips.

Turning Baby Headbands into Girl’s Cute Hair Clips

I made a post a while ago where I turned some elastic headbands into those plastic headbands and they turned out so cute. If you want, you can see the post HERE. Since I had so many of these headbands from Love Lazos that my family had given to Emma, I decided to make another round of hair accessories. I really LOVE these headbands and I just couldn’t even think about giving them away or having them in a box with no use so that’s how I came up with this idea.

It doesn’t take more that 10 minutes to make them and now she uses them almost everyday =D.

What you need:

  • Baby headbands
  • Small hair clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
I cut the elastics first so I got the whole bow separated.


Then I applied hot glue on the hair clip and place it on the bow and applied some pressure for a few seconds.
That’s it!!! LOL
I made another one with a different kind of hairclip. Same basic process the only difference was that I glued a small strip of ribbon over the piece that is glued to the ribbon.


Tadaaaaa… Can you imagine a craft easier that this??? LOL. Have you turned baby headbands into some other hair accessories before?




I love how she looks with them! I try to match as much as I can her clothe with different hairclips everyday… and yes she has that many LOL!!!!


What do you think??? Do you like this????
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Till next time!!! =D


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