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Even though I’m a food blogger and was for many years a Chef at multiple restaurants, I still get stumped sometimes on what to make for dinner! I know, shocker right? When I go to sit down and make that tedious grocery list, I’m often at a loss.

“Hey Jeremy, what do you want for dinner next week? Any ideas?” I’ll say to loving Husband.

“Ummm… I can’t really think of anything right now, I’ll get back with you.” He replies… with an eye roll from me, naturally.

This happens pretty much every week and let me tell you, it’s rare that he “gets back with me”. So, ultimately it’s up to me to know what’s on the table every night. And, of course, when I make a dish, yet again, He asks if we can order in pizza. UGH, but I asked you what you wanted!! Ahem… end rant. LOL.

Sorry that got a little carried away… but now in steps Time For Dinner! An online meal planning service. Not only do they plan your week in meals and emails them to you every Friday, but they give you your shopping list and recipes too!

Here is an example from this week’s meal plan I received:

On the Menu

Time For Dinner, weekly meal planning service #TimeForDinnerPlanning #ad

I absolutely love this menu, especially the steak and the shrimp panzanella, yummmm!

Shopping List

Time For Dinner, weekly meal planning service #TimeForDinnerPlanning #ad

Yes, they even break it down in estimated cost. Makes for keeping that budget in tact!


Time For Dinner, weekly meal planning service #TimeForDinnerPlanning #ad

They give you 5 days of meals with recipes and shopping list. It is very rare that the average family eats in 7 days a week. They do this so you don’t waste money at the store. Each week’s meal planning is designed to be under $100, this week’s meals featured above totaled an estimated $89. I think that’s an excellent price, my bill normally is significantly higher than that for two. It would be great to save some extra $$!

All recipes are geared towards families of four and can easily be prepared for more or less.

They even give tips on what items can be prepped in advance, to save precious cooking time during that weeknight rush. I know we all can use that!

The plans features 5 meals, 3 meat dishes (chicken, beef or pork), 1 fish/seafood and 1 vegetarian each week. They even give ingredient substitutions to make meals gluten free if needed.

Time for Dinner’s meal planning service was all started in the hope of us to spend more time with family at dinner. We are all so busy that dinnertime should be the one time a day we slow down and reconnect with our family. AND, don’t worry about pesky eaters, these recipes already have the kid stamp of approval!

I really like how they have a wide variety of menu choices. It will get me and Jeremy into trying new things!

So, why don’t you get started today and join now? Meal planning services start at only $5 monthly.

Time For Dinner, weekly meal planning service #TimeForDinnerPlanning #ad

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