Three MORE Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

Hey guys! Hope all is well, are you getting excited for Thanksgiving yet?! I know I am! Jeremy and I will be spending the day with his side of the family. I will miss everyone celebrating in North Carolina and Illinois but seems this is how things are when you get married… crazy right?! I will be making just a couple dishes to share during the festivities and will be posting (hopefully, if they come out good! haha) Thanksgiving morning a dessert I’ll be taking with… me, baking again?! YES! Seems easy enough, I don’t think even I can mess it up! *fingers crossed!*

     So, what’s all this talk about more ways you can lower that grocery bill? I’m getting to it, I promise! (Sorry if you’re new around here, I tend to ramble). Behold! Three MORE ways to lower your grocery bill!Three MORE Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill

4. It’s OK to stretch or save some things.

I shall give you a few examples. Do you say… like to FRY things? I know I do! I tend to make Sweet and Sour Chicken on the weekly basis and that takes oil… a lot of oil. You gotta deep fry those little crispy nuggets of goodness. And you know what? I don’t throw away that oil every time! *gasp!* Oil is EXPENSIVE, even with my couponing extravaganza I have every week like I mentioned in my last post about lowering your grocery bill. I hardly ever pay full price for the stuff but if I didn’t save it I’d be buying it on every trip, and I no likey that. So, get a container that has an air tight lid. After the oil you fried the goodies in is COMPLETELY COOLED drain all the little bits out and save it, placing it in the fridge until later use. I keep this in the fridge because I don’t want, just in case, it to go rancid or something like that. Since I’ve started this I haven’t had to buy oil in almost two months! I do need to add a little more in the pan each time but that is normal. Also, another prime example, I dilute my shampoo. And you know what?! You would never know the difference, I get just as good or even better a lather than with it straight up. I also will squeeze out all the shampoo or conditioner out of those little samples you get in the mail and mix that in there as well, I have no shame… this is a great segway for my next tip:

5. Contact Manufacturers to get Goodies.

Did you know you can actually e-mail large manufacturing companies and they will send you stuff? I didn’t know that until a few months ago and it’s like Christmas all year long! I have gotten many samples in the mail as well as coupon booklets. Also they have sent me just an envelope filled with coupons. What you have to do is go to a brands site that you like, click on the “contact us” page and e-mail them. I always tell them what I like about their product and how long Ive been using it for. They will normally write you back thanking you and letting you know they have sent coupons in the mail. It’s that easy. I have found some great lists that will tell you which brands are most likely to dish out the goods. Here is a great website that lists out some of the best brands that give out coupons. Also, I like different pages on facebook and they alert me when a great new product is giving out free samples. Here are a few I subscribe to: Hip2Save, Mojo Savings and Luv a Bargain.

6. Go Grocery Shopping on a Week day.

If you can, of course. Hubby and I will do our grocery shopping on Mondays. He man handles the cart while I do my thing. This way there is hardly anyone at the store to get mad at. I absolutely HATE crowds. I get so frustrated and on edge if we have to go on the weekend. Don’t people have common courtesy anymore these days?! AHH, my anxiety kicks in just thinking about it! Just trust me on this, go when no one is there and you can spend all the time you want checking prices and adding figures. Sometimes you will have multiple coupons on the same type of items but in different brands, it takes time to sometimes figure out the best deal! If you go when it’s a mad house you will just grab and go to get the heck up outta there! At least that’s how I feel anyway… tee hee.


I hope all you’s found this useful. I had such a great response to the last post I knew I had to get this follow up post up soon! Look out for that mystery dessert on Thursday, if I post about something else you know it was a major Pin-FAIL… hehe! K, BYE!




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  1. Great tips! That means more $ for holiday gifts =)

    Thank you for partying with the Wildly Original Crowd.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

    1. I was just telling my hubby last week that we needed to start saving our oil, too!! Great minds think alike. We use ours to make taquitos. I hear that the Fry-Daddy appliance comes with a lid so you can save your oil in the appliance for next use. I am going to put that on my Goodwill Wish List. I am a fellow Hip2Save reader, too! It has saved us hundreds of dollars last year and I recommend your readers take the time to check this site out. It is my favorite.

  2. I’m not sure what was on your initial list, but I have to say that ever since I started to grow our own herbs and vegetables, that significantly reduced both the purchases of veggies, reduced the veggy waste in my fridge (I’d never pick more than I need for 1 meal), PLUS it enhanced the quality of my meals, making them both more nutritious and luxurious (as at certain times of the year fresh herbs are a treat beyond many a budget). So: my tip: GROW your own vegetables. Just begin. And I have some articles on the blog to show you how to do so IN YOUR KITCHEN or BALCONY (Look for info on vertical gardening)

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