The Perfect Christening Gifts

Whether you’re religious or not, Christenings are a wonderful occasion and a great way to bring family and friends together to celebrate the birth of a new addition. Of course, it’s traditional to give gifts at a Christening, but finding the right one can be a real struggle.

Sentimental gifts are always popular and it’s always nice to give a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come. Since the Victorian era it has been tradition to give the gift of silver, and children often received silver spoons from their Godparents – a custom that is still carried on to this day by some. Nowadays however, there are plenty of other gifts available to suit a wide range of budgets.

You’ve probably already bought baby a gift after they were born, so what exactly do you buy if you don’t want to give yet another bib set or toy? Our handy guide talks you through some of the best gifts to buy if you’re celebrating a Christening.

Coin Sets

Silver coin sets are a great idea if you’re looking for something traditional yet a little bit different. You can find specially designed sets intended as christening gifts which make the perfect keepsakes. As the year is dated on the design, the coins will always be a nice commemoration and memento of the special christening year.

Silver Jewellery

All little girls love jewellery, and silver lockets or bracelets make great gifts that can usually be found for a reasonable price. It’s also a good idea to buy a bigger piece of jewellery that can still be worn in the years to come, or a re-sizable piece so that the child can continue to wear it as they grow. Silver bangles are a great example of this! Baby jewellery is also a nice touch and makes a great keepsake for parents to store safely and keep looking back to.

Of course, they’ll need somewhere to store the jewellery too, so if you don’t want to buy necklaces and bracelets, pick up a pretty jewellery box instead.

Engraved Gifts

It’s always nice to give a personalized gift, and engraved silver gifts are a lovely touch. Almost anything can be engraved from frames to boxes for keepsakes and getting the child’s name engraved alongside their Christening date is the most popular choice. Visit for a great range of personalized Christening gifts.

Name a Star

If you don’t want to give a silver gift, why not break from tradition and give a gift that will shine forever? Name a Star gift sets are perfect for anyone on a budget and make the perfect unique and personalized gift. The sets start from around £20 and for that you can choose a name for the Christening star in your choice of constellation. Most gift sets will come with personalized presentation boxes and stars are often registered online along with telescopic coordinates so parents and child can see their namesake shining brightly. This really is the gift of a lifetime!

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