The BEST Place to Find Cheap Produce

So, I just had to share this amazing cheap produce haul Hubs and I bought yesterday. Now, we have always visited the flea market and purchased a few items from the produce stands. But, this time we did all of our produce shopping there for the week. I’ve got to say, we will be going back every weekend from now on! As I’ve mentioned in past posts, we are trying to lose a little weight and overall eat healthier. That being said, we have really upped our veggie and fruit intake and that has always been a blow to the pocket book. Fresh fruits and veggies in the grocery store just ain’t cheap! Going to the flea market though and you get this:

cheap produce

You read that right, ALL that for $16.50!! How much do you think all of this would be in the grocery store? At least $30, right?! That’s almost 50% off, hollers! I was going to break it all down for you but I forgot what everything cost individually, sorry! Needless to say this is going to be a weekly tradition around here! Where do you go to find great deals like these on fresh cheap produce?


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  1. Nice!! That many strawberries almost costs that much when they’re full price at the grocery store! My favorite place for cheap produce is various roadside stands. Collards out of the back of a pickup are usually inexpensive and fresh =)

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