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☙ 9 November ❧
Sweet Chipotle Bacon Crackers

Sweet Chipotle Bacon Crackers, irresistible little nuggets of happiness. Probably not a good idea to make these, you will eat the whole batch! Ughhhh, fair warning: you WILL get addicted to these bacon crackers! They are everything you have ever dreamed of: sweet, smoky, soft, crunchy, and a tiny...
☙ 22 October ❧
Cauliflower Buffalo Wings with Vegan Ranch Dip

Cauliflower Buffalo Wings with Vegan Ranch Dip, a guilt free and vegan version of the popular Football snack! Perfect for #MeatlessMondayNight I know vegan/meatless meals do not regularly make an appearance on this little blog, but sometimes I just like to mix it up! There is nothing wrong with...