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☙ 7 January ❧
Key Lime Eclair Cake

Key Lime Eclair Cake, layers of creamy filling bursting with key lime flavor between graham crackers, topped with vanilla frosting. T astes just like a key lime pie, but much easier!   Yes, another recipe featuring key limes. I know… I’m obsessed. My number one post on this blog...
☙ 1 July ❧
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Icebox Bars

I love love love strawberries… and cream cheese… and oreos… so let’s just smush that all together, shall we? That’s what’s in these amazing chocolate covered strawberry icebox bars! So easy too, no baking required… perfect for summer! Chocolate Covered Strawberry Icebox Bars   Ahh it’s so cold and...
☙ 20 July ❧
Cherry Icebox Cheesecake

Hey guys… I’m really sad right now. I think you can feel my pain. Last night… *sob*… Jeremy and I ate the last slice of this delicious dessert. We were made for each other. It’s cold silky interior studded with sweet, yet slight tart, fresh cherries and oooh… that...