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☙ 9 April ❧
Cherry Cheesecake Bars

Cheesecake Bars, silky cheesecake on an addictive Oreo crust, topped with cherries! These cheesecake bars are simple to make, but a total crowd-pleasing dessert.     Cheesecake Bars Cherry Cheesecake is one of Jeremy’s favorite desserts. I know… I say that a lot, but every time it’s true! I...
☙ 20 July ❧
Cherry Icebox Cheesecake

Hey guys… I’m really sad right now. I think you can feel my pain. Last night… *sob*… Jeremy and I ate the last slice of this delicious dessert. We were made for each other. It’s cold silky interior studded with sweet, yet slight tart, fresh cherries and oooh… that...