Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed

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Spring is in the air! That means it’s Spring Cleaning time… (dum dum dummm!).  I, for one, hate cleaning. Every now and then I will get the cleaning bug and go a little nuts but honestly that doesn’t happen very often. Jeremy on the other hand is very organized, neat and clean about everything, so needless to say I have stepped up my game since meeting him! I like to think we have a fairly clean house at all times. But, ’tis the season for that extra look push I was talking about and one thing on the list I needed to tackle the house was a new vacuum!

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

So, of course when looking for something like a vacuum, we head straight for Walmart! I immediately saw these on a in aisle kiosk set up thingy:

I was really impressed right away with the packaging, it says it’s better than a Dyson! I’ve never owned a Dyson but you automatically think of quality when you hear the name, so this Eureka being BETTER than a Dyson really caught my attention! So, we picked this baby up and off to the condo we went!

Jeremy immediately had to open up the box and try it out. He said it was super easy to assemble, just a couple parts snapping together and it was ready!

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

I really like how it is set up. It has  enough power to clean all types of floors. In our home we have linoleum, carpet and area rugs. Cleaning all these surfaces is super easy and you can choose to have the extra deep cleaning brush on or off. The brush is perfect for carpets and rugs but other floors don’t need that extra step.

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

There is a canister in this vacuum unlike others that require bags. No more forgetting to stock up on bags and not being able to clean the house!

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

I think our favorite part about this vacuum is the extension hose. First there is a “switch” where you can set the vacuum to clean floors or use the tools, you flip it on to tools to use the extension. That way you get the full powerful suction in the extension as well, WAY better than others that don’t have this option. Cleaning the couches and stairs is so much faster because it sucks up everything much quicker!

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

Another aspect of the Eureka AirSpeed we love is the extension hose doesn’t clip in directly to the insides of the vacuum. With our old vacuum whenever we were using the extension, it would blow out dust and dirt back at us if we moved the vacuum at all, it was extremely frustrating. But, with this model that doesn’t happen at all!

Tackling Spring Cleaning with Eureka AirSpeed #EurekaPower #shop

So, as you can tell we are really loving our new vacuum. It has made getting the house back in order a breeze and Jeremy has been using it like crazy, yay for me! LOL. I think he just might be more excited about it than I am, who would have guessed?!

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  1. I’m looking for a new vacuum cleaner and have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the dyson… this might be it! thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Dana! In my house, I am the clean freak and my husband is pretty relaxed about it. The one thing I really like about Eureka is its sleek designs. Thank you for including pictures too!

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