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Summer Trends| Skirt on Summer Trends| Skirt on Summer Trends| Skirt on Summer Trends| Skirt on Summer Trends| Skirt on Summer Trends| Skirt on ThisSillyGirlsLife.comSkirt: Agnes & Dora c/o | Top: Forever 21 | Shoes: Converse
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Summer is a time where I am an avid skirt girl. Now having sweet baby King I look for different things in skirts. A pencil skirt is usually my go-to skirt. I also love a good maxi skirt because they are so functional with having a little one. The skirt worn above is a midi skirt. Can I just tell you all that this baby has pockets!? Amazing right? Seriously, it is the most comfortable skirt I have ever worn. It holds an amazing shape and it can be dressed up for church, events, dinner, etc. or be worn with Converse or Nike’s to dress it down.

If you are nervous about wearing skirts for every day wear, I would suggest starting out with a maxi skirt. They are very versatile and functional. A white skirt is another play it safe option in the sense that will match everything. Yes, it will get dirty easier, but just grab yourself some good spot cleaner and you will be set!

You can pair any skirt with a graphic tee to dress it down, or some sandals & tennis shoes. Wearing skirts makes me feel more put together and when I feel put together I am a happier person, better momma, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Are you an every day skirt girl? Or do you love a good pair of jeans?

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