Summer Sunflower Wreath

Hi ladies! Wait a minute, are there any men that actually read my blog? If so, welcome! 🙂 I have another craft today, woot woot! I’m on a roll with wreathes lately. I’m not very crafty as you can tell by the lack of them on here but I have been getting very inspired lately! I actually have an idea for ANOTHER wreath, I hope I don’t burn you out! But, I think people like wreaths so I’m gonna keep on making them and posting until they’re out of style, if that’s even possible! This particular wreath I actually made my mom for Mother’s Day! She saw my first tutorial for my ombre wreath and gave me a few… not so subtle hints that she wanted one. She told me the color combo and I ran with it! I hope you like this summer sunflower wreath!

Summer Sunflower Wreath

Ingredients 😉

Two colors of yarn, preferably turquoise-y blue and cream

2 Silk Sunflowers

2 yellow branch flowers (??)

Hot glue gun




12 inch Foam Ring

Wire Cutter


Just like my ombre wreath tutorial we are going to wrap the foam ring with four strands of yarn at a time. Two strands of each color. Get about 5 feet strands and tie them at one end together with the same colors touching. Like this:

Summer Sunflower Wreath

To start the wrapping of the yarn on the mold, tie it around the foam ring securely. Then, start wrapping making sure the two strands of the same color stay together. Wrap it tightly around so you can’t see the foam underneath. Once you run out of yarn, add another section exactly the same way. I actually learned a new technique for this from trial and error with the last wreath. So you don’t have any stray pieces of yarn, tape the loose ends and wrap the new section over the tape. This will secure the loose ends, like this:

Summer Sunflower Wreath

When attaching new sections of yarn, make sure the ends will end on the back side of the wreath. The side that will be facing the door or wall. Keep doing this until the entire wreath is covered in the yarn sections. The back will look like this:

Summer Sunflower Wreath

The front will look like this:

Summer Sunflower Wreath

Get the hot glue gun heated. Cut the sunflower flowers off the stems with the wire cutter. Place on the yarn with hot glue. Add one of the leaves between the two flowers. Now, add the yellow branch flowers. Cut the branch flowers in sections and glue on.

Summer Sunflower Wreath

For the hanger and bow I used the twine. Just wrap the twine around the wreath the until you get the desired thickness. Tie this in a knot. Make a simple bow out of the twine and attach this to the hanger with hot glue.

Summer Sunflower Wreath

And, that’s it! This took me roughly about 4 hours total to make. It’s very easy! If you have any questions please never hesitate to ask! If you would rather e-mail me your question that is ok too, e-mail me at ThisSillyGirlsLife (at) aol {dot} com I check my mail constantly through the day so I will get back with you ASAP. Thank you soo much for reading! sillysig

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  1. This looks so fun AND easy! I’m always looking for fun things to give my grandma that are handmade, practical and not just “stuff.” I think she’ll love to hang this in her apartment for a little extra sunshine. Thank you so much for the tutorial. Stopping by from the Foley Fam Summer Bucket List 😉

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