Stop & Smell the Roses {Vlog 32}


 Hi guys! I’m linking up with Mandy from House of Rose today with this month’s Stop & Smell the Roses’s Vlog. I look like complete and utter poop in the video so I am warning you now. I explain why I look like a zombie version of myself in said video. Hope you’re having a great day!

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10 Comments at Stop & Smell the Roses {Vlog 32}

  1. Oh man! I hope you feel better soon. My youngest is sick and I’m just hoping no one else in the house gets it. Yay for new phones! I’m only had a smartphone for a year now but I’m totally hooked!

  2. I just got an iPhone about a month ago! I LOVE it! I had a dumb smart phone before…but it took forever to do anything on the internet…so I just got SnapChat and Instagram and all that too! So fun!

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