Simplot’s Five Taste Challenge in Thailand

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What would you do if you were newly married and dropped in Thailand? Make Pad Thai on one of Bangkok’s best know eating strips, of course!

When the new brand Five Tastes from Simplot (Simplot also owns well known brands like Bird’s Eye and Lean Cuisine) asked newlywed couple Brodie and Ash from Queensland, Australia to get involved in an exciting Five Tastes challenge, they were all over it! They made Pad Thai for the locals, one of my personal favorite dishes from Thailand!

The Five Tastes highlight Australia’s favorite Thai foods. Along with Pad Thai they also offer Green Curry, Red Curry and Laksa.

Isn’t that just amazing! Not only were they able to make authentic style Pad Thai with Five Tastes meal kits and sauces but they even got the resident “Godfather” to love it as well!

I was pretty impressed with the newly wed couple. They were all over that wok and had everything under control. I was a little nervous for them when they were getting looks from the “Godfather” but he seemed surprised it was so good, LOL!

I feel like I could smell the aromas coming off that wok! I can’t wait to see Five Taste’s next adventure, what about you?!


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