How I Savor Summer

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Summer is always a special time. I have great memories of summer from when I was growing up and hope to make more lasting memories with my own family. Isn’t summer just a magical time when you are a kid? There is no school, hours and hours to play, riding bikes, lemonade stands, firefly catching and building forts out of couch cushions and sheets. Sometimes I long for those days when life was simpler and my biggest problem was scraped knees.

Now, as an adult I still find ways to savor summer. Lucky for me, we live about 5 minutes from the beach so that is always up for grabs. But, being a huge food obsessed family, our biggest summer activity is cooking out! I love busting out the grill to make everything from fall off the bone ribs to fresh grilled corn salads. I might even try a grilled dessert this year… the possibilities are endless!
How I Savor Summer, Summer is different for adults but making memories are still possible! #ad

Long are the luxury days of having off for summer vacation for us grown ups but it still doesn’t mean summer isn’t a special time. I love to have a tall glass of ice cold fresh squeezed lemonade for Jeremy when he comes home after a long day of delivering packages. It’s the simple things like fresh produce and lazing around on our balcony on warm nights that makes savoring summer for us easier.

I’m sure we will have much more to savor during this time of year once we have a little one or two around and making memories with them will be our top priority!

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What are some of your fondest summer memories from growing up? What do you do to make sure you and your kids will savor their summers?



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