Salted Caramel Latte from Dunkin’ Donuts

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It is FINALLY getting a touch chilly here in Florida and I could not be any more excited! I have been able to wear pants. YES, PANTS! Can you imagine?? For most of the year, I have to wear shorts every day and boy does it get old! I’m a jeans kind of gal and I’m finally able to wear my favorite pairs again.

Not only am I pumped about being able to bust out my fall wardrobe but all the deliciousness of the season is now hitting stores! One of my all time favorite flavors of coffee (or anything really) is Salted Caramel. Mmmm, caramel, in general, is just a satisfying flavor to me that warms the soul.



So, when I found out Dunkin’ Donuts came out with their Salted Caramel flavored line of coffee, lattes, and macchiatos on August 29, I had to get in on the action!

I was approached to review the new Salted Caramel flavored beverages and you know I jumped at the chance! I got a latte because they are just my fav. and go-to coffee drink.

And yes, I had to sample a few doughnuts too, can you blame me?


As soon as I walked up to the counter I saw an advertisement for the Salted Caramel drinks.




I got a hot Salted Caramel latte, but you can get it over ice too. I purchased a half dozen doughnuts and took everything home to sample! I could not resist the Candy Cane Crunch Donut they have out now. Omgeee.



Other than being just utterly gorgeous and insta-worthy, the candy cane crunch donut tasted just as good! But, honestly, nothing comes close to that Salted Caramel latte. You would expect it to be overly sweet, but not at all! I think the balance from the salted aspect of it really mellows out the sweetness.

It is just pure coffee heaven.

The best news is that you can purchase the Salted Caramel line anytime during the day, along with the entire Dunkin’ Donuts menu! If you are craving breakfast at 3pm on a Tuesday, Dunkin’s got you covered!

Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and espresso beverages are brewed using high-quality, 100% Arabica coffee beans. Freshly ground and brewed to order, with tons of different mix-in flavors to customize your own beverage. Do you want a shot of hazelnut in that Salted Caramel Macchiato? Go for it!

I highly recommend you try the new Salted Caramel line, come back and tell me in the comments how much you love it too!



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