Ribbon-Hung Picture Frames {Guest Post}

Welcome to guest post Friday!! Today we welcome Stephanie with her tutorial for super cute Ribbon-Hung Picture Frames! Here’s Stephanie:
Hey This Silly Girl’s Life readers! I’m Stephanie and I blog over at Simply Dream & Create. I’m thrilled to be here!

In our apartment we had some dead space in one of the hallways. I wanted to fill it with pictures of both my boyfriend’s and my family members but I didn’t just want to simply hang normal frames. Instead I wanted to do something like what I found on Michaels.com, which was just attaching ribbon to a frame and hanging the frame on a coat rack. So here is what I did:

What you need:

  • Frames
  • Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Coat rack

For the coat rack I wanted something basic. I found a simple metal rack that could hold 3 frames and I bought 2. You could used a rack that had a wood backing (which is what they did on Michaels.com) or you could make your own by buying the wood and hooks.

I wanted gray frames but I didn’t want to buy any. I already had a whole bunch that I wasn’t using because I no longer liked their color. So I just bought some acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby and painted my old frames gray. I also used different sized frames to change things up a little.
My boyfriend and I picked out our pictures that we wanted to display. I then scanned them into our computer and re-printed them out in black and white. I thought this would make the photos match and would go nicely with the gray frames.
Next I figured out the order that I wanted the frames to go. Then I decided on the length of the ribbon just by holding the frame up to the wall and seeing what I thought looked best. I attached the ribbon to the frames using a glue gun.
I hung each frame one at a time so that I could see how I wanted the next one to look.

And done!

I am really happy with how it turned out. : )

I love walking by this display and seeing our families.


It was so easy and turned out great! We always get great comments on it when our friends and family stop over.Thanks for having me, Dana!
Thanks for letting me share this post with you all. Here is a little about me if you are curious:
I’m a science nerd by day and craft crazy by night. I currently reside in Ohio, living with my boyfriend {Chris}, and working as a research assistant. I have a huge passion for crafts and I’m constantly learning and exploring the craft world! Be sure to stop by Simply Dream & Create to check out my other crafty creations!

Thanks for having me, Dana!


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  1. Hello, your photo gallery looks very beautiful. I just made my own photo gallery, too using the curtain rod but my problem is the curtain rod that I bought was installed in such a way that the rod was just way too far from the wall so when I tried hanging my frames with the ribbons, the frame would dangle and would not be steady. They were like in mid air so to speak. How did you manage to make those frames steady? Thank you very much.

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