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Today I am going to be talking about something a little different but a topic that really needs to be addressed: identity theft. Have you ever had your identity stolen? Your bank account hacked? I have on a couple occasions and I’m going to be sharing my story with you today!


So, in my younger years I hate to admit I wasn’t so smart with my money. I dreaded looking at my bank account to see how low my balance was and it just bummed me out to keep track of it. When it started to get extremely low on funds I finally started to worry, it just didn’t add up!


Let’s take a step back and I’ll explain myself. I was finally living on my own, fresh out of college with my first apartment, new position at work and a whole lot of new bills. I was working constantly, trying to finally get the management position I was wanting: sous chef! I was working diligently for months, 6 days a week 12+ hour days and my bank account just kept getting lower and lower. I just assumed it was due to my new bills and didn’t pay much attention to it.


I finally got to the point where paying rent was going to be a major issue. I went to the bank to see what the problem was. They printed out months of my past statements and there it was. Someone had hacked into my account and they were slowly draining me. And this was going on for months. How stupid was I, I was not interested at looking into my account and that’s where it got me!


Needless to say, I finally got my act together and started paying more attention to my finances. After all that headache, I got a little of my money back. It was so long ago I forget my banks policies at the time but they could only refund a certain amount of the funds that were stolen. That’s when having LifeLock to save me would have really helped to lessen the hassle of dealing with the bank. I would have been notified much earlier and in return, dealing with the baks policies would have gotten me more funds back.


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