Pretty and Easy Pillowcase Dress with Pattern

Hello every one! It’s me again Cami from TitiCrafty. Today I brought another cute sewing project for you. Seems like I’m becoming a fan them! I’m sharing this pretty and easy pillowcase dress I made for my little girl. I used an actual pillowcase LOL. I’m so in love with the results.

Pretty and Easy Pillowcase Dress with Pattern

Pretty and Easy Pillowcase Dress with Pattern, really easy to make, you don’t have to be a pro to make it!

I made this pillowcase dress super quick. It’s really easy to make, you don’t have to be a pro to make it, believe me I’m not even close to be a pro LOL.

I found a great pattern to make this at The instructions are easy to follow and you can download it here Make a Pretty Pillowcase Dress. pillowcase pattern

I’m going to explain a bit of what I made but I would suggest you take a look at the pattern.


What you need:

  • 1 Pillowcase
  • 1 piece of 30 cm x 20 {0.3 x 0.2 yard} and a strip of 16cm x 120cm {0.2 x 1.3 yards} of another fabric of your choice.
  • Ribbon

Following the instructions I folded the pillowcase in half lengthwise with the upper seem edges aligned. Cut an armhole a gentle curve at the upper edge for the neckline.


I measured an approximate of the length of the dress and cut the remaining fabric. This remains would be used to make bias and the lining for the pocket.


I made this shape for the front pocket and I also cut the fabric for the bottom band of the dress.


I stitched both fabrics for the pocket with right sides facing and left a spacer to turn it over then I pressed. I left it aside.


Turned under and press 1/2” on one long edge of each piece of bias. With right sides facing and long raw edges even, stitch a bias strip to each neckline, allowing half of the excess length to extend at each end. Use a 1/4”-wide seam allowance and press the seam allowance toward the bias.


I stitched the armhole edges with my bias including the neckline bias.


Stitched 1/4” from the short folded ends.


Then I placed the front pocket about in the middle of the dress and secured with pins and stitched leaving a 1/4”-wide seam allowance leaving open only the curved areas of the pocket.


Then I stitched the lower raw edge of the band to finish it and turned it to the inside of the dress. Pressed and secured with pins. Stitch in the ditch of the band seam to secure the band inside.


The final step was inserting the ribbon. I Cut 2 strips equal lengths and thread each one through the casing to tie in bows over each shoulder. I burned a little bit with a lighter the ribbon ends to prevent raveling.


That’s it! It’s ready to make a sweet little girl look like a princess!!!!


My girl loved it, and wants to wear it every day LOL!… I’m so happy!

Pretty and Easy Pillowcase Dress with Pattern, really easy to make, you don’t have to be a pro to make it!

What do you think? Like it? Have you made a pillowcase dress before????

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Let’s keep in touch!


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    1. Thanks so much Theresa! I’m super glad!!! =D

  1. I love your pillow case dress! What are the dimensions of the pocket? Thanks!

    1. The pocket is variable depending on how big you like it. In this case I made it 8×6 Inches (20×15 cm). Glad to know you like it!!!

      1. Thank you! I am organizing a group of women at my church to sew pillowcase dresses for Dress A Girl Around The World. I love that pocket! It’ll be perfect for carrying small treasures!

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