#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty!

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Hi guys! Today I am going to talk about a part of my life I don’t share very often, my fur babies! They are a huge part of my life, just like any other animal parent! I have two kitties that I love but sometimes having to clean up after them can get annoying. My new life as a full-time blogger can get so hectic (who knew?!) that sometimes it’s hard for me to find the time to give their potty area a good cleaning every day. Thankfully, I found this Litter Genie while on my shopping trip to Target!

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

Basically, it is a container you leave near the litter box that has a lid. Everyday when you go to scoop the litter, just open the lid and scoop it straight into the Litter Genie. It has a continuous bag that catches the litter, then just close the top and go about your day! It says for one cat you will only have to take out the littler about once every two months, how awesome is that! When you close the lid and pull the latch, the new litter falls to the bottom of the bag and the latch seals the odors from escaping. So, now you can have a fresh house at all times!

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

So,assembly is really easy! You just have to take off the outside paper and open the container at the bottom, everything you need is inside. There is a scoop, scoop holder and the refill bags. There is a little groove on the side of the container that fits the scoop holder, then the scoop just sits in there. Then, for the bags, you remove a plastic tab, pull the bag up about a foot, pull it through the hole and then tie it at the bottom, like so:

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

Opening the top and the rim, place the bag going down into the container.

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

Close the rim.

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

Now, you are ready to get scooping! I set it up right next to the litter box, so it’s always there and accessible.

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

Even Honey Bunny had to check it out for herself!

#PetParents Odor Control and Time Saver for Kitty! #PMedia #ad

It really does lock in the odors and makes cleaning out the box not so much of a chore. For us especially, we live in a Condo and have to walk the trash down every single time. So, now instead of walking down to the trash compactor every day or every other day, I will only have to do it about once a month, YAY!

What’s really cool is the price, I thought this would be much more expensive than it is. It was only $14.99 at my Target and I had a coupon for $3.00 off! The coupon is still valid and you can pick one up here!

So, what do you think? Will this help with your kitty clean up?!

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