Pet Sematary by Stephen King

*Shudders* Hello all… today I bring to you my thoughts about the Stephen King novel Pet Sematary. And I have to say that I am still pretty freaked out having to be alone in the house while Jeremy is away working. It’s not that I actually believe in the stuff that happens in the book…just the thought that if it COULD happen scares the bageezus outta me.

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Now, I’ve read a Stephen King novel or two in my 27 years…Christine, Misery, The Shining to name a few (or all of them)…and I think this one is probably the scariest to me. Or maybe it is because I just finished it and it was right before bed and, and I get nightmares, guys. Yea, probably NOT a good idea to read a book like this before bed, but that is what I did every night, silly little me.
BUT, it was freakin’ amaze balls. I loved it. I have to admit, it was pretty predictable but I got over that fast with the way Mr. King writes his scary stories. It wasn’t very scary for about 3/4th’s of it,  just pretty grotesque and disturbing but hold on for that ending!
Overall the novel is about the main character, Louis Creed moving his family to a house in Ludlow, Maine when he accepted a job at the University as their lead doctor. He makes friends fast with the old neighbor across the street, Jud and begins a ritual of spending time at his new neighbor’s house every night just talking about whatever comes to mind. That’s when Jud let’s him know about Ludlow’s dirtiest secret. The Pet Sematary. The cemetary isn’t as innocent as it seems at first and Louis finds that out fast when Jud decides to take the family, Louis, his wife and two small children on a little hike in the woods behind their new home. Welp, that’s as much as I’m gonna tell ya without giving anything away. If you like scary stories that might seem a little out of the ordinary then go pick up this beauty!

P.S. Look’s like they made a movie too, gonna have to check it out!
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P.S.S. DO NOT google images for “Pet Semetary” whew!

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  1. I really enjoyed Pet Sematary by SK and I’ve read it twice. Once before I had any children and once about a month ago, when my son was 18 months old. It was much more disturbing the second time around (for me) because I could actually sympathize with Louis needing to try every possible way to get his son back. I don’t know if he has done it since, but the was the first novel SK ever wrote that he “shelved” because of the dark nature of the subject. It was sort of a what if story for him – he was teaching at the U of Maine and he and his family lived on a busy street. Apparently his son Owen had a close call…At any rate, if you are interested in my take on Pet Sematary, it’s here.

    1. Yea, it was definitely the most disturbing of the SK books I’ve read. I liked reading the Intro to the book, nice to know that he thought it was his scariest book too. I will be heading over to check out your review now! Thanks for reading and commenting on mine. (C:

  2. I definitely find Pet Cemetery to be the scariest King book! I read it back in high school and had nightmares for a week! (I haven’t re-read it, I’m a bit afraid too!) Especially now that I have an adult perspective, somehow I think it will be even creepier!

    (That said, I’m halfway through The Dark Half and wondering why I didn’t read it sooner!)

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