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I haven’t mentioned my past a whole lot on the blog. As you are probably aware of, I once was a professional Chef. I worked my way up through the rankings until I had my very own kitchen and restaurant. As you can imagine, it is an extremely stressful job. While opening my last restaurant, there were many days I worked 20 hours, only to go home get a couple hours sleep and back again I went! On the glorious occasion that I would actually get a day off, I would try to spend that time relaxing. But, being the worrier I am I could never take my mind off of things I had to do or how my employees were acting. That’s when I finally said enough was enough and booked my first appointment at Massage Envy Spa.


I still remember my first time at Massage Envy Spa. As soon as you walk in you just get an overall calm feeling. The staff is extremely nice at the one I went to and are very adamant about offering the right service. If you get something that you aren’t ready for, like a deep tissue massage then I guarantee you won’t be going back!

They go over any problem areas you are having to tell the masseuse and then they take you back to a very private room. You meet your masseuse then once again they ask about any problem areas, if the room temperature is okay and they will discuss any additional packages you are getting like aromatherapy. Then, they ask you to take your clothes off to the level you are comfortable with before leaving the room for you to change. You get under a blanket on the table and then they come back, your massage begins!

It is so relaxing with soft music and dim lighting. You are always completely covered as well except for the area they are working on. I felt extremely comfortable there and not like I was on display! Normally the massages are 1 hours but they also offer 1 1/2 hour and 2 hour sessions.

Once the massage is finished they leave you be to get dressed, no rush! At the front desk, they are waiting for you there with a nice cold glass of water and you’re ready to check out! I was offered the membership and accepted right away. It was completely worth it for an hour of total relaxation and didn’t have a care about the restaurant or anything else!  What really stands out about Massage Envy Spa is how affordable it is compared to other Spas. Massage Envy Spa’s goal is to help fill the gap and offer professional massages, facial and relaxing therapies without the steep prices of competitors.

Massage Envy Spa is also getting social! On April 3rd Massage Envy Spa had a Twitter party to promote Stress Awareness and on how to reduce stress in their lives. The event was co-hosted by Massage Envy Spa and Dr. Murad, leader in skincare science and renowned dermatologist. If you follow @MassageEnvy you will be able to participate in future events and win FREE Massage Envy Spa Gift Cards! They are also giving back! Find out more about it here: Arthritis Foundation.

I hope you find a way to get a little more “me” time in! Massage Envy Spa is a great place to start!


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