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Peanut Tries Freshpet

Our animals are literally our babies.

And, we all want the best for our babies, right?

Here is our little Peanut at 9 weeks old, swoon.

She’s so tiny!

Jeremy has always wanted a dalmatian since he was a kid. And, when the time came and I started looking at puppies, I researched dalmatian breeders in our area. I immediately fell in love!

Now… dalmatians are special. We didn’t know this when we were first looking but we found out very soon that they need a special diet. We were already smitten and had our eyes on Peanut so, we knew we would do anything to take home our little girl.

They need a special diet because their bodies don’t break down certain enzymes like ALL other breeds (I know, what are the chances). So, we have to be very picky about what goes into Peanuts food.

Freshpet is just like a home cooked meal. It is all natural and made with fresh ingredients. It has to be refrigerated because they do not use any chemical preservatives.

I know that fresh is best, so I couldn’t wait to have Peanut try it!

She goes a little crazy at the mention of food. I mean, here is an indicator of how well she stayed still for me while taking pictures… *eye roll*

“Just let me eat, Mama!” I know little one.

Well, needless to say, she scarfed it down. I’m glad she likes it because sometimes she can be a little picky and protest at times. But, you can’t go wrong with fresh food!

Have you tried Freshpet yet? To learn more about the benefits of a fresh diet for you pet click here! Check out Freshpet’s amazing transformational stories as well as how pets have gone completely wild at mealtime here!

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