Organic Produce Right at Your Local Walmart

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart Marketside Organics. All opinions are 100% my own.

I’m a dedicated Walmart shopper. I’m there every weekend getting my grocery shopping done! Not only do they have the best prices but, they are flat out convenient! I was happy to notice the last couple times I went, they have expanded their Organic produce section!


You all KNOW I am a cooking fool so I’m at the produce section every week! I love the variety of healthy organic products they are offering! Now, even easier to find in with their re-branded line!

SO you know you are only buying Organic at Walmart, look for the produce with the purple organic label and USDA organic seal. It’s pretty hard to miss!


What I really liked about the organic section was the variety! When I used to think about organic produce, only fancier items came to mind. Like kale!


BUT, they have everyday veggies too! Carrots, celery, lettuce, everything I buy regularly but now even more healthy, score!


In each Walmart that is now offering the Marketside Organics line (around 2,300 stores!), there will be around 50 different items. Ranging from apples, broccoli, packaged salads, avocados, onions, rainbow chard, grapes, potatoes strawberries, juices(!) and so much more.

I can’t wait to go back and restock my fridge with the items found in the organics section at Walmart next weekend. Just knowing I’m buying organic puts my mind at ease. And, with this new purple packaging I don’t have to double think if I grabbed the right items or not.

I know this will especially come in handy for those with little ones that want to promote a healthy lifestyle to kids. I know when we finally have them, we will do the exact same thing! And, as with everything at Walmart, they strive for the lowest prices and the organics section is no exception!

Now, go check out your local Walmart to see the wide variety this Marketside Organics have to offer! What are you most excited about cooking up first?!



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