Making the Switch to High Quality Dog Food

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Today I get to share with you one of the biggest joys in my life: my puppies! Dakota is Making the Switch to High Quality Dog Food! #ad

Our newest addition is Peanut! She is a 14 week old Dalmatian and full of energy! Our other dog, Dakota is a Siberian Husky and the love of my life (besides Jeremy, of course!). Siberian Huskies are our favorite breed and we finally got him 4.5 years ago. He was 2 years old when we got him, as you can imagine he was a little reluctant at first but settled in relatively fast.

Dakota is Making the Switch to High Quality Dog Food! #ad

Now that he is “middle aged” for his breed, I really want to make sure this next chapter of his life is just as great as the first.

We had been feeding him a mainstream pet food but decided it was time for a change. So, for Dakota’s puppy mid-life crisis (hehe), he will be switching to Iams® where differences are visible! Get your $5 off Iams® coupon here –>> Iams Visible Differences

Dakota is Making the Switch to High Quality Dog Food! #ad

Just like their owners, dogs feel better and are healthier when they eat quality food. Iams quality dog food bases all of their product on the idea that superior quality ingredients create a superior quality pet food.

Iams® dog food products focus on quality and are backed by years of research. Some benefits of switching to Iams® from mainstream dog foods are noticing signs of improved health in their coats and skin, healthy digestion and overall energy levels.

We want Dakota to be happy and healthy for many, many years to come! He needs to keep up with his baby sister, after all!

Dakota is Making the Switch to High Quality Dog Food! #ad

As with any switch in dog food, it has to be gradual. We will start by mixing 25% of Iams® with Dakota’s current food.

Then, over the next three days or so we will gradually change the proportions until he is eating just Iams®. It is normal for dogs to be reluctant in changing their food. They love routine, so making a huge switch in their food is normal.

I will be back with two more posts through the new few months to tell you all about the results! I hope you will stick around for Dakota’s journey with Iams®!


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