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Hello This Silly Girls Life readers my name is Shonee! You can find me blogging over at Hawthorne and Main about all sorts of different home decor ideas as well as some remodeling projects.   I do throw in a few free printables too!  I am super super excited to be here with you today!!

This year to help myself be a little bit less crazy I decided to do some decorating that was less red and green and go toward a more rustic winter feel.  I thought that this way I could squeeze out a few more weeks with my Christmas/winter decor.  I wouldn’t have to take it down right after Christmas but rather keep it up all winter long.  This winter wreath is one part of my decor this year and I am going to show you how easy it was to make.

I am a big believer in reusing home decor items over and over.  This wreath is one of those such home decor items.  I made this moss covered wreath earlier this year, and I love it.  Since this Christmas I was going for a more winter feel I didn’t want to use the green.  But, I still used the same wreath!!


Let’s start with the supplies you will need:



fake flowers of your choice

green floral tape

metal cutters

To start I wrapped my entire wreath with the ribbon.  I got all of my supplies for this project, minus the wreath that I already had, at Joanns.  You will probably need more that one roll of ribbon, mine took 2.  It all depends on how big your wreath is.  I love that I can still use my green moss wreath but just cover it up.  When spring comes I will take this one apart and definitely use the moss side.

After the wreath was all covered with the ribbon it was time to make my picks or small groups of flowers to insert into my wreath.  If you have ever been to Joanns or any other craft store you might have seen these picks.  Sometime I buy them pre-made but for this wreath I made them myself, they are so easy to make.
Using my metal clippers I trimmed off a small portion of each floral insert that I wanted to use.  I took one of the big white flowers and joined it with a few of the blue buds.
I then took some of the green floral tape and tapped them together.  I continued to make an additional 5-6 more of these.

Now it’s time to add them to the wreath. I first started with the pine.  I didn’t make picks with the pine.  I just clipped off small pieces and used them as is.  This projects is completely customizable so you can add flowers with the pine if you want.  This is why I love wreaths, they are super easy and really almost anything looks good.


On this wreath I had the tips of the flowers and pine facing the opposite direction.  You can see in the image below.  The other way you could arrange them would be to have them all going the same direction.  I kept adding the white and blue pieces as well and the pine until it looked full enough.

I attached some left over ribbon to hang it from the door.

I am super excited to be able to have this hanging from my door all winter long!!

Do you like to use wreaths to decorate your home?



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  1. This would look so awesome on my red front door! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    Thanks so much for sharing on Show Me Saturday! Hope to see you again the first weekend in January!
    ~ Ashley

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