Meatball Subs

Howdy ya’ll! Been itchin’ to see how many more meals you can get out of that big ole pot of S-ghetti Sauce and Meatballs?! I’ve been just-a itchin’ to tell ya! (WTH?!) Well here you have night number 3 of deliciousness. Meatball SUBS!

How To: Meatball Subs


This is so freaking simple yet delicious it’s mind blowing. Well, maybe not MIND blowing, but you get the point. All you need is:

3-4                          Meatballs per sandwich

1-2 Sups                 Spaghetti (Marinara) sauce

4 ea                         Provolone Cheese slices

1 ea                         French bread, or any bread you prefer

Parmesan Cheese for sprinkling

Heat the meatballs in a sauce pan with the sauce. Make sure they are fully heated through. Then, place meatballs in an oven safe dish and line them up.



Yes, that is a piece of sausage. It was leftover! Aight?

Layer the provolone cheese over the whole thing. Place dish under broiler in oven. Keep under broiler until cheese is golden brown. Make sure to watch because this happens very fast! And be soo careful when taking it out!! It should look something like this:

Meatballs with provolone

That browned cheese is the best part!!!

Now, time to get the bread ready. Normally, I would brown the cheese in the bread but Hubby doesn’t like that too much. So, I get my bread:

French Bread

Cut about a 7 inch hunk off. Then cut that length wise. Voila! Sub bread.


Cut the end off and scoop out some of the inside bread to make a “boat”.

Bread Boat

Laddle in some marinara sauce.

saucy bread

Sorry it’s blurry!

Place desired number of meatballs in bread. Top with Parmesan cheese and pig out!

Meatball Sub

Served with a salad and extra sauce on the side for dunking! I’m not gonna lie, this is kinda hard to eat and extremely messy! But, it’s worth it!! The Hubs thinks it’s the best Meatball Sub he ever tasted! And, I kinda believe him. 😉



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