Double Decker BLT’s

If you are looking for a quick and easy meal look no further, welcome to my delicious Double Decker BLT’s. I know, you’re thinking what’s so special about this? Well, a heck of a lot! Just take a look at this!


So many layers….

This baby is jam-packed with bacon-y goodness!

First, of course you need to fry ya up some good ole bacon. Whatever kind you fancy is fine. For the two of us I fixed about 10 slices and I cut them in half. While you start to fry up your bacon you can begin to assemble the remaining ingredients.


Who doesn’t love a bacon facial?

Besides the bacon you will need:

2 ea         tomatoes, ripe and sliced

1 ea         romaine lettuce head

6 ea         slices bread, toasted

mayo       as much as you likey

garlic powder

salt and pepper

While bacon is doing good things in your pan start toasting off your bread.

tomatoes and lettuce

Slice your tomatoes, rinsing them first of course. Crack some fresh black pepper and salt over your tomatoes after they have been sliced and set aside. I love to use sea salt for this. With the romaine I just rip the leaves off from the stem, only leaving the most tender part of the leaves and make sure you rinse this first as well. Set this aside.

lettuce and tomatoesWhen bacon is done to your desired crispy-ness take it out of the pan and let the excess fat drip off. I like to use a paper towel for this.


Line em up like little delicious soldiers


More bacon pics, yay!

Sorry, I REALLY like bacon. Moving on… Now, you just assemble the ingredients. Starting with one slice of bread, add mayo and a sprinkling of garlic powder (trust me on this, this is what makes this sammich!). Now, slices of perfectly ripe tomato. Add about 5 bacon slices. Another slice of bread, adding mayo, more garlic powder. Bacon. Lettuce. Bread with MORE mayo and MORE garlic powder. And here you have your Double Decker BLT of Heavenly proportions!


yes, brussel sprouts again.

And, what do you do with all that delicious liquid bacon you have left over in your pan? Keep it! I store mine in an old container and keep it in the fridge. I cook with it allll the time. Give a little smokey kick to anything you wish to saute.


Bacon Fat

Liquid Bacon.

Liquid Bacon Container

Liquid Bacon Container

I hope you all enjoyed this rendition of Last Night’s Dinner, until next time enjoy!




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  1. Oh, Dana, I am now craving a big, fat BLT! I just didn’t get my fill this summer…maybe a double decker will make up for lost time. Have a great weekend~

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