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Hi everyone! Welcome to my first post in my Cooking 101 series! I decided to make these posts to help those of you new to cooking or just looking for some extra tips from stocking your pantry, to what tools you will need and different cooking techniques! If you ever have any questions or comments or a suggestion for another Cooking 101 post please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me!


For today’s cooking 101 post and I going to discuss what knives are essential for a fully functional kitchen and why you need them!

Paring knife:

to use with smaller items such as, coring a strawberry or peeling a potato if you don’t like using potato peelers. It is small and easy to hold. Generally you do not need a cutting board when using this.  

Boning knife:

this is great to have if you purchase whole chickens or fish and break down the parts yourself. Also it is great for carving whole roasted chickens out of the oven. Also great for taking skin off fish. The blades on these knives are very flexible to work around bone!

Serrated knife:

best for using with whole loaves of bread, this helps to not “squish” the bread. The different blade on this really “catches” on to whatever you are trying to cut making these items easier to slice. These are great for larger roasts like a turkey or rib roast because they tend to be longer covering more area.

Chef’s knife:

this will definitely be your most utilized knife you own. It does everything: chop, dice, mince, etc. You can use this to cut veggies, fruits or meat (preferably without bones. They come in different sizes and is really up to your preference.

This is the knife I use! via

Kitchen Scissors:

I love using scissors for different things in the kitchen. Mostly, I use them for cutting scallions quick to use as garnish. You can also use them to cut chicken bodies fast with leaving the bones intact.

Round honing steel:

good for making your knives sharper. Honing is not sharpening, exactly but DOES make your knife sharper. I know, a little confusing. When you cut items with your knife the blade actually becomes rounded in shape making it not as sharp anymore. You can’t see this but will definitely notice when your knife isn’t as sharp as it once was. Using this honing steel will re-align your knifes blade, making it sharp again.

These are all the knives I believe are essential for a home kitchen. Most knife sets come with more options but I don’t think any other than listed here are necessary, especially for beginners. 

If you have any tips for using knives or have a knife you love to use that I didn’t list please comment below! Thanks for reading!



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    1. I know what you mean, I do sharpen mine. I have a special stone I use every couple months. After my Chef’s knife the boning knife is the one I use the most. But, that is because I always break down my chickens. Just depends what you like to do. It’s actually very easy to sharpen them, many tutorials on YouTube! Just have to keep them sharp from the beginning and you’re fine!

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