June 2013 Monthly Recap

Wait a second… it’s almost JULY?! How can this be, this year is going by wayyyy too fast! Either way thanks so much for coming and for checking out June’s monthly recap! It has been another busy month around these parts (besides a little hiccup with my  ex hosting company at the beginning of the month) and you may have possibly missed a post or two. That’s why I do these recaps, for all my newbies and anyone that saw something they liked but forgot to put a pin on it! How about this… why don’t you sign up for my e-mail notifications so you can guarantee you won’t miss another one! It’s okay, I’ll wait! Just enter your e-mail and click subscribe.


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The recap is listed by categories so it is easier for your eye balls!

PicMonkey Collage

Recipes and Cooking 101 Series

Fashion & Beauty

June 2013 Monthly Recap

The Power of Eyebrow Makeup

Crafts & DIY

Beginner’s Blog Advice Series

Guest Posts

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you found some you missed or that post you were searching for, put a pin on it will ya?! 😉


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