How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including Natural Probiotic

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Winter is the one season that really tends to get me down. I don’t know what it is, either it’s the gloominess outside or the constant cold temperatures. One thing that I have always struggled with during these months is staying healthy. I have to admit I have been known to gain a pound or ten during this time of year. But, this Winter has been different. I have really tried to stay healthy and active, which is very hard with me being a full time blogger. I could literally sit at this little screen for hours and not move much more than my finger tips. So, today’s post is going to be my tips on:

How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including Natural Probiotic

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How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including #NaturalProbiotic #shop

First of all, having a healthy digestive track is key. What use is it to eat healthy when your system is out of whack? That’s why every morning I have been taking my Insync Natural Probiotic with my coffee.

How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including #NaturalProbiotic #shop

The pills aren’t to big or too small. They are easy to take and I think are a great option. I got these at my local CVS while there picking up some prescriptions. I have taken other types of products similar to this and I can honestly say these are my favorite. Other kinds of products, like the kinds that can dissolve in liquid, etc. really don’t mesh well with me. They give me a tummy ache for extending periods of time and I really just don’t like that. But, with these from Insync there isn’t any of that for me.

Second, I have been much more active than normal. Jeremy is in the same boat as me which makes it much easier to stay healthy together. We often take long walks on the beach when it’s not too cold.

How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including #NaturalProbiotic #shop

Or, what I have been doing mostly is getting on our treadmill and walking at a fast pace for 3-4 miles (while watching videos on my computer, helps to pass the time!). I also try to get in 20 minutes of zumba or another type of workout and I’m set for the day!

Third, eating healthier. Yes, I know we all want that comfort food this time of year and it’s okay to splurge once in a while. But, now that I am exercising more and taking my Natural Probiotics, I wanted to fuel my body with better foods. We have a lot more salads and vegetables and less nachos topped with a pound of melty cheese!

Fourth, get someone else involved! Like I stated earlier, Jeremy is taking the same steps as me and we is really benefiting from it! He has lost around 12 pounds and feels a lot better! Having someone to be there to motivate each other and someone you can whine to that will snap you out of it!

 How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Including #NaturalProbiotic #shop


So that is all my tips for staying healthy during the winter. I know that is super simple but hey, that’s what I have been doing and i have got to say I feel SO much better! By doing all these steps, I sleep better, feel physically better and have lost some weight. I don’t think it gets much better than that!

What do you think? Do you have any additional tips for staying healthy during the winter?


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