DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Hi there! I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while now and just finally got around to it. We are updating the decor around here and starting with the kitchen. So now was the perfect time to do a little DIY! This DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board really comes in handy for a to do list, grocery list or just to write cute notes on. Making it with cute paper, a nice frame and bow really makes a nice touch to any kitchen!

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Items Needed


Decorative Paper

8 Round Magnets


Hot Glue Gun

Dry Erase Marker



DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board


Measure paper to fit in frame and place inside frame.

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Make bow and attach with hot glue gun. Also, attach magnets with hot glue.

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Attach marker by looping cap onto bow.

DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Yeah, it’s almost laughable how easy this is…. seriously! And it’s so pretty, I think you need one too! I’ve seen different boards similar to this around but none exactly like this with the magnets and everything. So, if you see one very similar I’m not stealing their idea I promise! Thanks for reading!




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43 Comments at DIY Magnetic Dry Erase Board

  1. Hey…I was just thinking you might could make the dry erase board itself magnetic…like the ones you get innthe store. Just try putting one of those sheet magnets behind the deco paper. Just a thought. Especially if you use one of the larger picture frames to make a large board. Just use enough magnet to cover the whole area.

  2. Absolutely adorable idea! Have you had any issue with the board sliding or the magnets scratching the stainless steel? Thank you for sharing!

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