Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath

Okay, I promise this is my last fall wreath this season, LOL. Hey, my mommy needed one too, right?! I really love how this came out, I used the same technique for this as my patriotic fabric wreath. This post isn’t quite as detailed as that one so if you want to see step by step how to make this wreath please visit that post. But, never the less I hope you enjoy this wreath!


Fabric Scrap Fall Wreath


I love mixing colors and patterns, so I picked out some fabric that I thought would go nicely together and was super fall colors.


I painstakingly cut my form out of the wire mesh, cut the fabric into strips and looped each piece on. You need about a foot and a half of each type of fabric for this wreath.


I cut the excess wire off the outer and inner circles after this picture.


With twine I attached a piece that would easily hang on the wreath hanger in the position I wanted. With another piece of twine I attached this little ornament I found that I thought was cute and went with the overall theme.


That’s it super easy. You can see here ^ how I attached the pieces of fabric, I alternated about two rows of loops, skipped one and then two more rows. You can do as many pieces of fabric as you wish, the more you do the more full it will look and ultimately the more GORgeous it will come out!


I think this way I saved some time and also some fabric. I think it looks pretty good, what do you think?


I really like how the fabric begins to fray and gives it a rustic look to it. I do have to warn you, I came out with a few battle scars (not really scars but a few scrapes) from this wire mesh just like the last wreath I made like this. But, in the end I think it’s worth it. A couple fingers are a little sore today too, LOL.


I hope you enjoyed this post! And, remember if you need more detailed instructions like how to cut the wire mesh and what sized pieces to cut the fabric, visit my patriotic fabric wreath post. Until tomorrow,


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  2. Brilliant to use wire mesh! LOVE how full it is and the colors you choose are perfect for Fall! I don’t think you can ever have too many wreaths 🙂 THANKS for sharing on Sunday FUNday friend!

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