Exploring Asheville North Carolina

Hi, all! I’m very excited to be sharing today’s post for you for three reasons.

1. I just got back from vacation in Asheville North Carolina and I want to tell you all about it and show you some photos I took along the way

2. It was our 5 year wedding anniversary trip!

and 3. I wore a new pair of boots every day on this trip and I have to tell you how amazing they are!


Yes, I am one of those people carrying around my large DSLR camera everywhere I go while on vacation. I can’t help it. You never know when you will have the chance to capture some amazing photos.

In particular, this shot of lilies in the Biltmore conservatory is my new favorite, I might even get it blown up and framed!


Every year for our anniversary, Jeremy and I take a trip. This year it was to Asheville, North Carolina, although we did spend a lot of time in Hendersonville. Our cute cabin was there and it wasn’t very far from Asheville. Our first day we just explored the city.

It is very cute with lots of shops and restaurants. I was surprised at how city-like it was. I thought it was going to be a lot more touristy but not at all!

The next day we explored the Biltmore estate. I had been there once when I was younger and didn’t remember much of the tour. The house is gorgeous. You are not allowed to take photos inside so I don’t have any of those to share. But, I got lots of the gardens…. oh the gardens! By far my favorite part of the estate were the grounds.


I tell you, there were mums for days!



So beautiful, I could have stayed there all vacation! You really just can’t see it all in one trip.

Another day we went the opposite direction from our cabin and headed up to Chimney Rock. We got some amazing shots of streams around the area.



One thing I had no idea about though were how many apple orchards were in the area. There were one right after the other on our trip up to the cabin. It was glorious! Of course, we had to stop and get fresh apples, apple butter, and cider!



Sounds like an action packed trip, doesn’t it? Well, it was! We were so tired from walking so much we decided not to make the trip up to Chimney Rock itself. The elevator was broken and has been for some time I’ve heard. But, it was still super fun exploring the area.


I was so glad I brought my Earth® boots along for this trip! They were extremely comfortable and even though we walked sooo much, my feet never hurt!

It is because of the way Earth® features an innovative cushioned footbed that my feet had all day comfort. They come with a padded heel to displace shock, reinforced arch support, and a multi-density latex cushion. I really need them for this trip!

Earth® was founded by Anne Kalso, a Danish Yoga Instructor, who set-out to create shoes that made total body wellness its mission.

I got these super cute boots that reminded me of hiking boots. They are the perfect casual boot for everyday wear.



The Fall 2016 Earth® Collection price ranges from $95 up to $140 for boots.

Surprise Giveaway!

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Acting on it’s values of “wellness from the ground up” Earth® Shoes contributes with programs like “Plant A Tree On Earth” for a better environment.

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More photos from the trip: 

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