Easy DIY Mustache Straws

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I have a super fun and easy craft to share with you all today! Have you seen those mustaches all over Pinterest and the internets? Well, I just love the idea of adding a little more silliness every now and then and thought these mustache straws would be so fun to have at a cookout or party this summer! I know you are just dying to take a mustache selfie with your besties!

Easy DIY Mustache Straws


LOL, I was cracking up the whole time I was editing these pictures. I can’t tell you how hard it was to keep a “straight face” while Jeremy was trying to capture the perfect mustache pose.


I used my mustache straws to drink these amazing POM blends. They are so cute, these little bottles have different packaging to go along with their names. Hula is a mix of pineapple and pomegranate juice, and was my favorite I must add. I also picked up the mango flavor as well. They also have a coconut flavor but… shocker! I don’t like coconut, dun dun dunnnn!


While doing our little “photo shoot” I took the picture above and immediately thought of this silly meme:


I’m sorry, I just had to do it! But, there is definitely nothing silly about these POM juice’s taste! Seriously, delish!


Oh right, back to the mustache straws! So easy, this literally took about 5 minutes to make.


  •  Mustahce template (I used this one found on HGTV.com)
  • Scrapbooking paper of your choice, I used this glittery black
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Straws
  • Pencil or pen
  • Black marker


Gather your supplies.

Gather your supplies.


Cut out mustache templates of your choice. Carefully, trace template on the back of scrapbooking paper. Cut out mustaches. Using small pieces of tape, attach to the straw in the position you want.

The paper I used left a white ring around the mustaches, so I just blackened the edges with marker. Enjoy!

The paper I used left a white ring around the mustaches, so I just blackened the edges with marker. Enjoy!


Yea, I had a little too much fun with these, I don’t know which kind is my favorite!


LOL, I hope you give these a try! If you do, I would love to see your pictures using them! I have to say I really do enjoy these blends and will be repurchasing them in the future. POM made a bunch of funny youtube videos showcasing their new blends and named them the POM Yum Bunch, this is my favorite video:

LOL, I don’t know how people come up with something like that, but I really enjoyed watching all the videos. Which flavor do you think you will enjoy the most?!


POM Yum Bunch
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