Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware

 ** #ad I have partnered with Dollar Tree to tell you about their new Summer Fun products! All opinions expressed are 100% my own. #DTSummerFun **

HI there! I am so excited to share with you today some new products that Dollar Tree is offering! It is a whole new collection called Dollar Tree Summer Fun and I personally cannot wait to run in and pick up some items myself!

The area I’m most excited about is the tableware. Throwing summer parties is so much fun? Dressing up a tablescape can be super cute and affordable with bright colored items at Dollar Tree! It will make you want to cookout every weekend!

Summer Fun tableware is available in six different colors and patterns: red, orange, red/orange striped, green, blue and green/blue striped.

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

I’m a sucker for patterns, especially stripes, so I know I will definitely pick up the green/blue striped tableware. I’ll have to get the coordinating napkins, cups and plates… all striped of course.

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFunExciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

There are also lots of plastic products for serving your guests… like plates, bowl, tumblers and serving trays!

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

Many of their products come in $1 multi-packs, including plastic plates and cups. I know that will definitely come in handy with the larger parties.

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

Some other Summer Fun products you need to check out are round placemats, drying mats, table covers, kitchen towels and battery-operated LED paper lanterns– my favorite!

Exciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFunExciting New Dollar Tree Summer Tableware #ad #DTSummerFun

It will be soooo fun to dress up my little patio at our condo and have some family members over for a cookout. I can’t wait! Tons of cocktail ideas are rolling around in my head already… *wink, wink*!

There is also the Summer Fun Flip-Flop Frenzy Craft Contest going on now. You can submit a photo of an original flip-flop craft at DollarTree.com and be entered to win a $500 Dollar Tree gift card. WOW, that’s a lot of items!!

I’m a member of Dollar Tree’s free loyalty program, the Value Seekers Club where I get great tip ideas every month including exclusive crafts and recipes! Visit ValueSeekersClub.com to sign up!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited as I am to check out the new Dollar Tree Summer Fun collection! What are you must eager to pick up first??

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