DIY Easy Canvas Photo Tutorial {Guest Post}

Welcome back to guest post Friday! Today we have Victoria from Simply Anchored:

If you’re like me, then you probably love canvas photo’s hanging in the house, but don’t want to pay beaucoup bucks to have them made. I mean they can run anywhere from $60-$250 depending on the size! Well I have a way you can do it at home with pictures you already have printed! Follow my tutorial and in a matter of 20 minutes you can ditch the frames and enjoy your beautiful canvas photo!

Step 1:
         Get a photo you already have or get one printed (under $1.00 on
         Buy a canvas. They are cheap at any craft store or bulk on (less than $5 ea.)
Step 2: 
         Gather your supplies! This is what you’ll need:
Note that I chose the Matte Mod Podge NOT Gloss. I’ll show you why later


Step 3:
        You’re going to want to make sure your picture fits. I have a 5×5 canvas AND picture. However the pictures are always a smidgen too big for the canvas. So you will want to cut it down with a craft knife, making it a tad smaller than the canvas just so the edges don’t overhang.
Step 4: 
          Using your foam brush and Mod Podge, coat the canvas with a healthy amount. This is what the picture will stick too. Make sure to get it right to the edge, even on the sides if you’d like (it dries clear).
Step 5:
          Place the picture on the canvas. Make sure it is centered. Smooth it out with your hands, pressing gently in the center and harder along the edges. 
Step 6:
        Coat the picture with another healthy amount of Mod Podge. This time you want to brush it on in one direction (you’ll do the opposite direction after it’s dried) This will give it a “canvas” look. 

Step 7: 
          If you don’t want to sit around for over an hour to let it dry, take a blow dryer to it. Keep drying it until you can’t see any white (that means the Mod Podge is dry). It takes about 5 minutes.
Step 8:
          Repeat Step 6 – going in the opposite direction


Step 9:
          Repeat Step 7 – why wait when you can have it dry NOW!
Step 10: 

*Now the reason why you don’t use Gloss Mod Podge is for the fact that when the light hits the picture – it produces an awful glare so you can’t see the picture!

This has a minor glare just due to where it’s hanging


Paint the Canvas with black paint before you start. It will give it black edges to blend in with the pictures:

Just a little something I learned:
ALWAYS use wax paper under the lid of Mod Podge (or any glue for that matter) and you’ll never have to worry about the lid getting stuck again!

Hi! I’m Victoria and I am an English teacher, recently turned stay at home mom. I have a 3 month old amazing son and decided that I just couldn’t leave his precious face to go back to work. I recently started a blog to share recipes, DIY, and tales of being a first time mom & wife, traveler, and writer. I live on the Maine coast with my amazing husband who is a commercial lobsterman. We live a simple yet fulfilling life. Every day I look for ways to be efficient, simple, and anchored in our ways. I am loving our new journey into parenthood, every step of the way!
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